Artist's Statement

Art enriches my spirituality and is a form of prayer for me. In it and through it, I take time to contemplate and explore our sense of being in the world. Being aware of our everyday reality brings the world to life, and helps us to see the world afresh. Everyday things that are often mundane and very ordinary suddenly become incredibly beautiful and extraordinary. I hope to, through my work, bring attention to parts of our world that often exist unnoticed, to encourage a mindfulness of the everyday. I want offer space to consider the beauty and wonder of our world, to encourage an appreciation of the present moment amidst the distractions of our busy lives, and provide a platform for reflection on our contemporary culture.

In drawing, it is surprising how often we are inclined to draw what we think we see, rather than what we are actually seeing. Being rooted in careful, considered observation, my work attempts to look past any preconceptions, wanting to fully experience that moment and encounter with the world. By investigating the relationship between drawing and looking - the relationship between the eye, hand and mind - I tend to focus more on the parts of our world that are often overlooked, that exist on the edge of our perception. This satisfies my sense of wonder and curiosity and encourages a greater awareness of even the humblest things. In this way, my work questions and challenges our perception of the environment by mediating between the self and the world.

I love the process of drawing and have experimented with a variety of materials as forms of mark-making. I am interested in the language of drawing as well as its sensory qualities. In making a drawing, one can slow down and be present in the moment. The expression of the hand upon paper or through a medium provides space for reflection. It can be very meditative.